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Founded and Launched at April 2014, Bhineka Online Station (also knows as Bhineka Radio) is a community-based online radio station from Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia. Our Slogan, From Difference to Unity, have meaning Bhineka Online Station brings together a variety of interests, genre, etc. Bhineka Online Station broadcast 24 hours every day, so you can listen variety of music and information from Bhneka Online Station anytime, anywhere.

Key People :
1. Dimas Al Faridzi Putra Perdana
    Also known as Daigi Ishimaru (石丸代議), is the Founder, DJ, and etc. at Bhineka Online Station. He was born at Tulungagung, 12 March 2000. Now live in Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia. Starting an online radio station since he was at elementary school in Semarang, at 6th grade. The radio station name is SUN Radio Semarang. He just do broadcasting as a part of his hobby. And now, that radio is innactive and then he create a new online radio station with "serious" purpose, with his colleagues at April 2014: Bhineka Online Station.

   "Anything you like, just do it if it's a positive.Be serious with it and be yourself. Soon, it will be great and amuse you and the people around you." ^_^

Well, I like do photography and IT stuff, love a lot of music genre, especially Japanese right now, and I'm OTAKU ^_^

よろしくお願いします! :)

2. Noufal Agis Alfikri Ramadhani
   I'm Noufal Agis Alfikri Ramadhani. You can call me Noufal. I was born on Wonogiri, at 27 November 2000. Now I live at Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia. I'm very interesting with Photography, and all on PC. I also like music but I can't play a music instrument. I'm a movie maniac, I like watch movie, because if I look at the movie, I felt relieved.

3. Argi Noor Hidayat (VJ Argi) 
   A teenager with a life motto "Young Spirit, Spirit of Work". Born on Wonogiri at October 7, 1999. Now I live at Pracimantoro. Known as a writer, Indonesian blogger, as well broadcaster Young and poet Young. In Bhineka Radio, I became VJ INDOPIRASI - Indonesia Inspire. Find me on Facebook at Argi Noor Dayat or Twitter @raden_argi3. Keep Join Guys ! ^_^

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